4/4/39 - Window-Shopping

I went downtown to pay the sundry bills,
And, woman-like, experienced all the thrills
Of window-shopping; also all the ache
Of seeing just the dress I want, yet cannot take.
The more I gazed, the more my hunger grew
For lovely things; the fourteen-dollar shoe;
The saucy, tilted hat of gentian blue,
That teased and coaxed, "Oh, take me home with you."
I hurried on, lest I should long too much,
And reached a street that boasted none of such
Enchanting things; the contrast was a shock;
Yet I am glad I ventured down the block.
The aids to crippled folks within its hall. -
Then - gone my dreams, like bubbles in a breeze;
And I thanked God that I need none of these.

Florence B. Taylor

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