6/25/39 - Cleveland Letter 6/25/39 - Cleveland Letter
- 4501 Lilac Rd., South Euclid, O.,

My Dear Friends: In my desk is a letter to you - unfinished - dated May 27. I recall that I was quite determined to write on that date, because it was a special milestone in the "Success" story that I mentioned in my last letter. But The sandman came early that night, and the very next day we found this house - and rented it. The home in Lyndhurst - so dear to my heart - had been sold. To accomodate the buyer of our home, we moved out June 1, which meant that all correspondence has been at a standstill. In the meantime Saltsburg has lost its most famous citizen - Miss Lizzie McIlwain. What a wonderful woman she was! What a privilege to know her! It was a liberal education to talk with her. She was endowed with a most remarkable mind. Her memory was a vast storehouse of knowledge - carefully filed away. One of my most precious memories is the afternoon I spent with her, and she told me much about my mother, whom I cannot remember, but who she knew so well. All Saltsburg will mourn Miss McIlwain's passing. A remarkable woman, who has lived through the most remarkable period of the world's history.***

Several interruptions have forced this letter to be very brief. Please think of it as a tiny tribute to Miss McIlwain, a greeting to all my dear friends. I'll be with you next week - Providence willing.

Florence B. Taylor

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