BY-WAYS -8/7/41- Ina, Marjorie, and Flora's trip west

Somewhere, in the dim, distant past, I had a trip to New York and Washington - but that is quite eclipsed by a glorious journey - by auto - across our great continent, to the Pacific coast. The travelers, Ina and Marjorie Lemon and Flora Miller, came back this way, laden with Kodak pictures, beautiful photographs, and souvenirs, as proof of their "conquest" of the West. Rather, it was a mutual conquest; for they climbed Pike's Peak, (up to a high wall of snow) "drank in" the wonder and beauty of the Grand Canyon, crossed the hot desert by night in five hours, covered the trail in the great Sequoia Forest, climbed on foot to the high Vernal Falls in the incomparable Yosemite Valley, "took in" all of Yellowstone Park, including the Yellowstone Canyon, which Flora thinks is more beautiful in coloring than the Grand Canyon. There were rivers, dams, beaches, missions, beautiful buildings - too numerous to mention. But the West surely conquered their hearts. Of course, the real purpose of the trip was to visit Ina's brothers - Laird and Knox in Glendale, and Blaine in South Pasadena. There was a glorious family reunion on the Fourth. Knox's family accompanied the tourists to Yosemite Park - a three-day jaunt. There were many pleasant excursions, but I must refrain from further comment, because I will be in Dutch for writing so much about my folks. Ina gave me orders last spring, "No personal columns." Maybe, Mr. Walker, you'd better put this under "Men and Events" - only this is "Women and Events." This is the age of miracles, when an automobile can whisk across the continent in four or five days - the same continent that required months of weary travel in the covered-wagon days. (News item: The travelers visited Gilkerson relatives in Mapleton, Iowa, and Lemon relatives in Aledo, Ill.). ***

I'm afraid the tourists have given this family the travel bug - for the three Taylor men - big and little - are working vigorously this minute, polishing up the family car, in preparation for a trip to southern Ohio - down on the farm which was our dear friend, Betty's, old home. This is Virgil's vacation time - and, if all goes well, we will end up with the most important place on the map (next to Cleveland) - Saltsburg. This is a very short column. Blame it on the heat. Did you think I was spoofing you about the thermometer last Sunday? The official report for South Euclid was 110 deg., and for Cleveland, 103.2 deg. - the highest in its history. It's really not too bad today, I'm just lazy. But just wait until next week. How I hope I get to see you all!

Florence B. Taylor

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