BY-WAYS - 5/28/42

For Memorial Day - KEEPING FAITH

The years we are calling back to the "Minute Men" at Lexington,
To the gallant souls at Bunker Hill, who lost the fight, but laurels won
To the ragged men at Valley Forge, whose bloody footprints in the snow
Are crystallized into marble steps that lead to Freedom's high chateau. -
To all who died in order that a fine, free nation might have birth:
We promise you we'll keep intact the greatest nation on this earth.

To those who clashed at Gettysburg, the men in blue, and men in gray:
Because you fought a noble fight, the Union stands like rock today.
To those who sank with the big ship, "Maine"; to those who lie in flanders' Field:
We must justify your sacrifice. To a ruthless foe we will never yield.

To the Kiski boy, whom Saltsburg loved - whose watery grave is far away:
We cannot - will not - let you die in vain. This is our pledge today. -
And may the Everlasting arms safe-guard your brother - where he be.
God comfort Kenneth Woodle's folks - That gallant flyer - lost at sea.

Behold the heroes of Bataan! Corregidor! And the Coral Sea!
They have carried high bright Freedom's torch - For all the wondering world to see
We have kept the faith. We will carry on. We will cast our all into this fray.
With faith undying we'll keep flying the flag you loved, and love today.

Florence B. Taylor

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