The Casualties are Light
The Casualties are Light

"The casualties are light," the news line reads, "My son a 'casualty'? He is our world -
As blazoned headlines tell of allied victories - His father's radiant sun ... my star of hope ...
"The beginning of the end," our President The bright fulfillment of our earthly dreams.
And others say; the cynic disagrees. How dare the god of War thus interlope!"
"The casualties are light," a mother reads - Dear God in Heaven, take him safely home,
Then meets the dreaded knock at her front door - While outraged comrades carry on the fight, -
"The War Department... (steady now!) ... regrets ..." -While every man and woman, youth, and child
The morning sun is dimmed ... forevermore. Work valiantly - to keep the death list light.

Florence B. Taylor

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