BY-WAYS - 8/26/43 - Recuperating at the Boaks. - July 8, 1943 - 4501 Lilac Rd, South Euclid, Oh.

(Editor: This column was prepared by Mrs. Taylor last week when on her vacation.)

Dear Mr. Walker:

Will you please insert - in some nook or cranny of your paper - a little greeting to my dear friends of Saltsburg and environs? At present this will be my only medium of communion with them. You have heard of marriage by proxy - of voting in a meeting of stockholders by proxy, etc. Now I am visiting at Ina's and the dear old home town by proxy - that proxy being my best friend (though married to him) - Virgil. We were to have gone together yesterday (Saturday) - to enjoy Virgil's last week of vacation, in the surroundings we both love. But a stern old doctor with spectacles and a stethoscope said I couldn't go - that I would just talk myself to death down there; that the old ticker, sound as a bell, had had enough excitement for awhile. So - instead of being in Saltsburg, where, in the anticipatory dreams, I have been visiting for weeks now, I am like an old horse, turned out to pasture - on a 27-acre farm near Burton, Ohio... Which is a sad and stern reminder that "the old gray mare ain't what she used to be." By the way, this is the farm where our erstwhile pup, Barney, found a wonderful home when he outgrew city proportions. When Barney left us he was a tall, gaunt creature, sad-eyed, saggy tailed, with feet the size of a pony's, it seemed to us. At least they were a menace to the neighbors' posy beds. You should see Barney now. The boys and I did not recognize him, the slender black and tan face of a real collie, with wide shoulders, full body - long, glossy white hair and a beautiful plumed tail. He is regal. The last time we saw Barney - a year ago last October - almost two years ago (when the boys just had to come out here to see him), the gangling creature leaped, and fairly bowled us over, drooling with affection. Today he met us with friendly dignity - like a southern "colonel," greeting his guests. Mrs. Boak, my charming hostess, said they had Barney nearly a year, and spent all kinds of money in Vet. doctor bills before they discovered he had a tapeworm which was devouring all his food and sapping his vitality. Now he is truly their pride and joy. Next week I'll tell you all about this Garden of Eden - which was Virgil's inspired idea. But today I just want to send greetings and love - and the assurance that time only strengthens the ties of friendship - and that space cannot really separate us.

Faithfully yours,
Florence B. Taylor
R.D. No. 2, Burton, Ohio
- c/o W.E. Boak.

P.S. A dear little tiger kitten, with white nose, breast, and feet, has nestled beside me on the porch swing, purring like a baby Diesel engine. Just now he tried to take hold of the cap on my pen - as much as to say "You have written enough." So be it.

P.P.S. Oh, I must tell you that Ina and I have exchanged hostages. I traded Virgil for Marjorie, and (don't tell Virgil) we Taylors got the best of the deal - for Marjorie is a fine cook, laundress, seamstress, etc. - and Virgil is none of these. Marjorie arrived yesterday evening - and I just appropriated her for six precious hours. Then Estelle took over - and they are to have a wonderful time together.

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