BY-WAYS - 6/29/44 - Calling All Patriots! - June 8, 1944

Calling all patriots! Calling all patriots!

This is the voice of the young men of America, hurling their brave, but vulnerable young bodies against the mighty fortresses of Germany: "Buy all the bonds you can - and THEN BUY ONE MORE - to send us the tools to do this job as quickly as possible. We'll do the rest." Do you hear the chorus of youthful voices from all over the world? - no longer eager - for they are tired - calling. "Lend your money to Uncle Sam - and get this mess over with. We want to get home."

When you buy another War Bond
You have kicked a triple goal -
Speeded Vict'ry, saved your money,
Brought a new peace to your soul.

Looking back over the wonderful visit in Saltsburg, Indiana, and Apollo (all crowded into four and a half short days), I see that Virgil is refreshed and renewed. But - "Some people are never satisfied," as the saying goes. And that is the way with me. I keep thinking of the people that I did not get to see. The next time I go to Saltsburg I'm going to tell the family not to look for me back until I've seen everybody I want to see. But this does not mean that I am not truly grateful for the warm hospitality shown. To find the latch-string out, year in and year out, is indeed a heart-warming experience.

Now I must mail this out (Saturday evening.) I shall write some more tomorrow, to add to it. But I can no longer depend upon the Sunday evening mail reaching Saltsburg in time. Good-bye for now.

Florence B. Taylor

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