BY-WAYS - 5/9/46 - Birthday Week in Review - Sabbath, April 28.

Greetings, my friends!

And that is about all I can say this week. That young linotype operator down in Apollo will be relieved at the good news - after the long session she had last week. (I assume that it is still a "she," and, if so, still young - and doing a very nice job, by the way). Today happens to be Shakespeare's, Lionel Barrymore's, Ina Lemon's, and my birthday. The first two may be more famous, but I'd rather string along with Ina. Just wish she were in Cleveland, to join the family gathering out at Tommy's parental home. Tom and Estelle are living there now. We will also wish for a bonnie boy, who is down in San Antonio, in an Army camp. But he has been lucky enough to get two passes to Austin. He has completely lost his heart to my sister, who has been the good angel to a homesick boy. Of course he is over the homesickness, but Austin remains the beautiful city of 'escape'.

Florence B. Taylor.

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