BY-WAYS - 5/30/46 - Memorial Day Message

As Memorial Day comes upon the horizon of our consciousness - and, I trust, our conscience, we meditate upon the full import of the day that is dedicated to our heroes. It is the day of Remembrance. Thinking of those precious boys who gave their lives for their country, we Americans have watched with heavy heart how the money-mad and the power-mad citizens of this country have betrayed the memory of those boys and men. I am sure that all of us, at one time or another, have felt that these boys not only cast their pearls before swine, but cast down their strong young bodies to shield a herd of swine. It has been ever thus. During the high pitch of battle, with the tradition behind us that we cannot, dare not, be defeated, we set aside our selfish interests, and backed up the boys at the front. With the war over, we who didn't pay too dearly for this victory, settle back into our old selfish ways. We make our demands retroactive, as it were. All the fine esprit de corps is gone.

Well, the President of the United States went before the joint house of Congress this Saturday afternoon, and let the whole country know that these strikes against our government must come to an end. It was and is a great triumph over evil forces. No union heads will ever dare go so far again - to wreck our country's welfare. On Memorial Day it is not enough to sing our National Anthem, as soul-stirring as it is, or to lay a wreath on the grave of that hero who holds us forever in his debt. We must justify, at least in part - no, we can't justify his sacrifice. We must humbly pledge our lives and our fortunes to building up a country worthy of him. Let us keep the candle of Remembrance burning brightly in our hearts.

Florence B. Taylor.

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