BY-WAYS - 11/25/48 - THE FIRST PIANO QUARTET - Nov. 20

"There's music in the air ..." But definitely - when the First Piano Quartet comes to town. Or more appropriately, when this famous foursome goes on the air. You may hear them every Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock, over N.B.C. Some day - in the near future, no doubt - you will be seeing them regularly by means of television. But in the meantime would you like an eye-witness description of these men? Their personalities are so interesting that I wish I had the power to project them onto the printed page. Perhaps the shock (or strain) of having to pay three whole dollars to see and hear them in concert alerted me in such a way that I can remember every detail and mannerism. The knowledge that I might "introduce" the artists to you, dear readers, was the only salve on my pricked conscience. I could not be sure of going until the day of the concert. Only three tickets were left - one hour before the doors opened - at $3 per. It was worth every penny of the three hundred. The four immaculate Steinways in "concert formation" are an impressive sight. Lines drawn along their keyboards would form a V, with the snow-white keys forming close picket fences on the outside of each dark red "plot." From the center aisle and environs you can see all the keyboards and the magic fingers that strike and sweep and caress them. The two larger men sit at the back facing each other. They are Vladima Padwa, a tall, broad-shouldered Russian, and Frank Mittler, a genial German. Beside Mr. Mittler, in the foreground, sits Edward Edson, a very handsome aesthetic young man, whose wrists and long slender fingers have to rest after each prolonged number. This young Adonis, with the wavy black hair, is the spokesman of the group. His was the task of announcing the many encores that the enthusiastic audience demanded. Just across the way from Mr. Edson sits dynamic and serious little Adam Garner. Only an inch or two over five feet, he is the only one who wears glasses, and is also the hardest working of the group. (to be continued next week)

Florence B. Taylor

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