6/2/49 - Arthur Godfrey Broadcasts from the Airship BY-WAYS - 6/2/49 - Arthur Godfrey Broadcasts from the Airship- Saturday, May 28, 1949

Through chattering teeth I s-s-send you greetings this chill May day. Whatever has happened to our climate? Is the California "winter" moving eastward? I guess we of the east can be thankful we have been spared the dreadful tornadoes of the Mid-west. Did you happen to hear Arthur Godfrey's morning broadcast from the great "Constellation" airship, as it cruised over Long Island and the Sound? It was a thrilling experience. What a great age we are living in! To think of an airplane that holds three hundred people, "if you want to be cozy," as Commander Bill Collins expressed it! As you know, the Constellation is the largest air ship in the world. If you were listening in, you heard many Pennsylvanians giving their names, and the newspapers or radio stations that they represent. Had I been prepared for such a broadcast, I would have sat down with paper and pencil, to take down their names. But I was in the midst of a big washing. Virgil Jr. thoughtfully brought the radio down to the basement, knowing how I enjoy Arthur and his gang. Not very high class, but a blessed relief from the daily tragedies that confront us in our newspapers and the stilted artificialities of many announcers. I missed the first part of the broadcast and am still curious as to why there were so many reporters from Pittsburgh and environs. There was one from Greensburg; wish I had his name. One certainly gained the impression that Western Pennsylvania is right on the ball. Some of the reporters grumbled good-naturedly over having to get up at 4 a.m. for this trip and broadcast, but you could tell that they were thrilled over the privilege that was theirs.

Whatever Arthur Godfrey's faults, I honor his stand in regard to race and prejudice. He and his crew are invited to Washington, D.C. to take part in an all-star broadcast - (to spur the Bond drive, I understand). They will not be permitted to use Constitution Hall because two of his quartette, the "Mariners" are not blessed with white skin. "To think," he exploded, "the citadel of our democracy bars certain American citizens just because of the color of their skin!" Now, some of the finest people that I know belong to the D.A.R. And I am very sure that they do not subscribe to such snobbery. But I am afraid that that once-honorable institution is falling into disrepute in this enlightened age when we are really trying to practice the Brotherhood of Man. I simply cannot understand their attitude. *** One more gripe - and I am through. James Forrestal is dead. He has joined the vast army of those who gave their all in their country's service. Why are men like Drew Pearson, who lack the decency of respect for the dead, allowed to crucify his family with unnecessary comments? That man, with his secret spies and unethical means of securing information, seems to take sadistic satisfaction in offering up his victims on the altar of his reportorial ambitions. I despise his petty snooping. He could be a truly great man, with his far vision of World Brotherhood, but his vanity, reflected in his oracular "predictions," whittles him down to a mean little splinter. *****

Let us close on a serene and reverent note. I bow my head in homage to that beautiful Memorial Day poem, written by "A. G. Daub." I am sure that is our heroic mother with the two gold stars. Even to comment on it is like trespassing on holy ground. Let us, rather, pause and revere the beauty of such faith.

Florence B. Taylor

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