7/21/49 - Tenth Anniversary of the BY-WAYS BY-WAYS - 7/21/49 - Tenth Anniversary of the BY-WAYS - HIGHWAYS and BY-WAYS

The highways of life are the roads to success -
Achievement - whatever the ultimate goal;
But the BY-WAYS - of life are the little side paths
Where we gather hyacinths for the soul.

Will the old readers - I mean the long-time readers - please forgive the boresome repititions of the little poem? The newer readers ask how the column got its name. When the children and I got back from the Smokies in 1933, a dear friend who read the account in the Saltsburg Press, wrote me, "I see that you gathered some hyacinths for your soul." Ever-helpful Dell McQuiston Harmon quoted the orginal thought about hyacinths for the soul, which I am quite sure she said came from the pen of the Persian poet, Omar Khayyam. I do not find it in his "Rubaiyat." But here is a later poet, James Terry White, whose fine verse, "Not By Bread Alone," refers to a Persian theme:

If thought of fortune be bereft,
And in thy store there be but left
Two loaves, sell one, and with the dole
Buy hyacinths to feed thy soul.

Isn't that a lovely thing? We need to think about that.

Well, this is the tenth anniversary of the beginning of the BY-WAYS. At the end of ten years I am feeling almost heavy-hearted - because I have given out so little. Ten years ago I dreamed such great dreams, and had faith to remove mountains. I cannot tell you of all the bitter disillusionments - about people that I once loved and trusted. But I ask you to pray for me - that I be not overcome with evil. I never intended to write in such a vein for the anniversary column. But to be true to my ideals I need God's help. Maybe somewhere along the line I have forfeited my birthright. I need you true Christians to pray for me.****

Mr. Walker has suggested that you like to hear more about home folks and little incidents in the Saltsburg community. I am sure there are a thousand human interest stories in the past and present life of Saltsburg, Conemaugh township - or, let's say, Indiana and Westmoreland counties. There again you can help me. I assure you that no confidence will be betrayed. And we must never write anything that will give anyone pain or embarrassment. Let's concentrate - this year - on the home town community - past and present. Mr. Walker and I have agreed to make it a regular weekly column, and shorter. Next time I want to write of the satisfying visit back there.

Florence B. Taylor

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