4/5/50 - Holy Week. Still in Atlanta GA BY-WAYS - 4/5/50 - Holy Week. Still in Atlanta GA - 964 St. Charles Ave., N.E., Atlanta, Ga.,Apr.1, 1950

My dear Friends,

For this increasingly vital and hopeful Holy Week, let me digress from the wonders of Georgia, and pass on to you these words of wisdom and Truth from the pen of Angus Dun: "Those who have been taught of Christ know in their hearts that the first law of life is to love God, and next to God, one's neighbor; that they are great who serve many, and those whom many serve; that we need to be forgiven much and to forgive generously; that ill-will blocks the channels of life and blinds us to God; that the body and all the things of nature are not to be despised, but mastered for spiritual ends; that the life which is self-saving and a self-serving is starved; that the accumulation of possessions and the care they become is not the great good, but a great hazard to the life of the spirit; that he is a fool who invests his life's interests in undependable securities, in values that do not last; that God is trustworthy and to be trusted, and in that trust we may escape our great enemy, fear; that 'God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son'."

Yours for a renewal of that faith at this beautiful Easter-tide.
Florence B. Taylor

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