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Greetings my friends!

The summer languor has overtaken me - and I am quite delinquent. Let's call it "summer vacation." I DID write a column about the visit of the McCall's and the Baptist World Alliance. But I just couldn't do justice to either event. Needless to say, I was thrilled to have Mae Hudson McCall and her family look us up. They came on the 4th of July - Mr. and Mrs. W.B. McCall, their son Cobert (spelling may be wrong), his nice wife, Irma, and two dear little children, Linda and Craig. We enjoyed their visit so very much.

Since then we have had visitors from Santa Monica - delegates to the Baptist Convention; Dr. Phillips' niece and her minister husband; a grand couple - here ten days. The day they left, our beloved "Pennsylvanians" arrived: Cousin Ina, Clyde, Marjorie, and little John Wesley Deemer, and my childhood friend, Eva Kennedy. Marjorie and her little son were here only for supper, and then went on to Estelle's for the brief visit of two nights and one day. Such generous guests! Eva brought tender green beans from her garden, and the Lemons brought potatoes, apples, corn, beets, and eggs. What luxury for us! The Lemon family had to go back Wednesday morning, but Eva stayed until today - Saturday. I think she enjoyed the television. Now, this is long enough for a belated letter. More next week.

Florence B. Taylor

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