8/31/50 - Hot Weather Musings</b> BY-WAYS - 8/31/50 - Hot Weather Musings

A Baseball Rookie's Soliloquy

"A swing and a miss!" in the batter's box
Can be a disastrous thing;
But a sheltered nook on a summer's night ...?
Ah, give me a miss and a swing.

To a Spider

Drab little creature! Nemesis
Of all good housewives;
Scheming trapper of helpless flies and bugs -
And yet your web of gossamer is in itself a
beauteous thing.

It was only yesterday, fearing what
The neighbors say,
I swept away your work of art.
Seeing you outraged, distraught,
I felt a pang of vandalism.

God had taught you one fine art -
And, faithful to your master craft,
You set to work and wove
Another silken scarf -
Flawless, full of symmetry and grace.

Oh, tiny weaver, surely God sent you here
To teach us industry and perseverance,
And to weave the pattern of our lives
With beauteous design,
Knowing that, no matter how destructive
Some external force,
God gives us limitless material
And the blueprint
To build anew each day.

Florence B. Taylor

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