1/25/51 - "Disciples in Clay" BY-WAYS - 1/25/51 - "Disciples in Clay"

Greetings, friends!

How are you all - along the highways and BY-WAYS of life? I think I am addressing the folks in the BY-WAYS, for those on the busy highways haven't time to listen. I think we should take time each day to march the bitter march with our boys in Korea. Yes, it is depressing, I'll admit. It's heart-sickening. We can either sit and moan at the breakfast table, or we can be galvanized into action. I firmly believe that if we participate, heart and soul, in something bigger than ourselves, God opens the gates for us.

We are disciples in clay. I am sure that every one of you who takes the Reader's Digest has read that marvelous article, "Disciples in Clay," in the January issue. It is condensed from a chapter in "Mr. Jones, Meet the Master," written by the late Dr. Peter Marshall, beloved chaplain of the U.S. Senate. Yes, he died at 46, but his inspired prayers are locked in the heart of every senator, every listener, who heard them. His great book will continue for all time, to inspire its readers to greater faith, better living. We must remember that the forces of evil are ever with us, as they were during Christ's earthly sojourn. Just as King Herod and his henchmen tried to kill the baby Jesus, so do the godless forces of Communism try to kill the living Christ today. It is up to us to outwit and outfight these forces.

Douglas MacArthur did it at the Inchon landing (read the first article in your Digest) and gave God the glory. Do you realize what it means for a great general - the leader of all the Far East forces - to say in true humility, "By grace of a merciful Providence..."? When MacArthur flew to Seoul in late September, to return the sovereignty of South Korea to President Syngman Rhee, he asked the great assemblage of soldiers and leaders to rise and repeat with him the Lord's Prayer - "in humble and devout manifestation of gratitude." No matter how this bitter war comes out, of one thing we may be sure, a true missionary of God is sowing the seeds of Christianity abroad, in Korea.

Faithfully yours,
Florence B. Taylor
1711 Preyer Rd.,
Cleveland Hts. 18, O.

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