10/18/51 - Lexington BY-WAYS - 10/18/51 - Lexington - Oct. 6, 1951

My dear Friends,

Truly I wanted to take you right along with us last week - over the "bridge that arched the flood ... Where the embattled farmers stood. And fired the shot heard 'round the world." That was at Concord. Yes, and I wanted you to see Lexington - and the spot where fell the first martyrs to American Liberty. You will see it all yet - as well as I can give it to you in word pictures - as soon as I can settle down to a normal life. Last week we moved too fast for any writing - beyond a brief post card now and then. No sooner did we get home than we experienced a small local earthquake, or, shall we say, real estate upheaval. Our married children, Estelle and Tommy, sold their home and bought another - seventeen miles nearer Cleveland and us - to our great joy. "My" hotel gave me an extension on vacation time - to help the young folks while they tour the corridors of their legal Pentagon. All this by way of explanation - of the missing column last week - and the skeleton outline this week. But you will have the full story - if Mr. Walker will give it space.

I am not forgetting the delightful experiences in Philadelphia. And now must be added the visit to Hyde Park, the visits to the homes of Longfellow, Louisa M. Alcott, John and Priscilla Alden, John Quincy Adams, et al. There was the wonderful ride - on the clearest day the bus driver and guide could remember - along the "eastern and rock-bound coast" of Massachusetts, taking in Plymouth Rock. The state of Massachusetts is replete with historic and romantic lore. If you are to have even this foretaste this week (Oct. 11th issue), I must close - and speed this letter on its way.

Hastily - but steadfastly - yours,
Florence B. Taylor

Editor: The above reached us too late for use last week.

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