6/16/55 - "GIVEFULNESS" BY-WAYS - 6/16/55 - "GIVEFULNESS" -


Little Jo Ann, with the restless curls "I may give Him Love, and Worship - Prayer -
And the dancing, clear brown eyes - I may give him Thankfulness."
So full of chatter, mischief, fun, (And, as if to sum up- everything)
But she is wondrous wise. "I'll give Him Givefulness."
For Sunday school she writes her thoughts - Dear little Jo Ann, with her "givefulness"!
In her quaint and earnest way; (She's nearer ten than eleven).
In writing of what she may give to God. No wonder that Jesus said, tenderly,
She has just this to say: "Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven."
Florence B. Taylor

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