8/4/55 - Prayer to the Money-Bush BY-WAYS - 8/4/55 - Prayer to the Money-Bush -

(Written in our 'teen-age' era)

Oh, money-bush, grow swiftly, like a mushroom, over night;
And stay alive, like evergreens, - and pray, don't get a blight.
We need you daily - hourly - with your silver, copper leaves,
And nickels in profusion - so a guileless, child believes.

A dime for notebook, dime for dues, a nickel for a coke;
A penny here, a quarter there (and parents musn't croak).
So, money-bush, grow near our door, and have a million leaves;
Just pennies, quarters, nickels, dimes (or so a child believes).

Florence B. Taylor

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