Another week I must tell you of cities and
culture supreme;
But now I am full of Marineland - and creatures
that lives in the stream, -
Of porpoises, playful and clever, who play ball
and leap over the hurdles;
Who ring bells and sing songs a cappella,
'Til your nerves tingle and your blood curdles.
Two whales, newly shipped from the west coast,
are very bright pupils indeed;
The one had a "medical check-up" as prescribed
in a true medic's creed.
When the doctor inquired how his health is, the
whale had a "whale" of a line:
Such howling and moaning - complaining; next
moment; relaxed and supine,
While "doctor," with stethoscope, listened to
heart-beat; then, with rubber mallet,
Tried "reflexes;" oh, what a splashing! His
report card marked "A" in my ballot.

Such fantastic turtles - sea urchins, and tiny
fish - purple and gold.
That Marineland is truly exotic, with all the
charm one place can hold.

Just one note on trailerite living: hospitality
has a revival;
At St. Augustine's Lazy J Ranch the hostess
greets each new arrival
With platter of piping hot biscuits, her wel-
come to tired, hungry souls.
You feel then that "God's in His Heaven; all's
well with" this world and its goals.

Florence B. Taylor

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