Across the miles - to your training base,
Or across the vast, deep sea, -
To the ice-bound hut, or the tropic swamp;
To the gates of the enemy. -
To the farthest outpost we stretch out
Our hands, to draw you home;

Our hearts reach out, to bring you cheer -
No matter where you roam.
As God - with sacrificial love -
Gave us His Prince of Peace,

So you make untold sacrifice,
That war and hate may cease.

We'll keep our Christmas candles lit
And think of you with pride;
With hope that you will bring world peace
Before next Christmas-tide.

----- As you sort all the much-looked-for
letters from home
To the boys and the men "over there,"
We hope you discover this message for you -
For it's letting you know that we care,

So here's to a home-loving boy far away;
And though we are oceans apart,
We know you will hear our sweet Christmas bells ring,
For Christmas is found in the heart.

----- In the hot desert sands of our Valley of Death
Our Bill meets the grueling best.

Of all the fine lads in our wonderful church
He is certainly one of the best.
This training is foreign to his gentle ways;
Such orders we long to revoke, -
But, dear Bill, 'tis the lash of the wind and the storm
That develops the sturdiest oak.

Christmas Greetings and love from .....

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