A weird tale, indeed: I'm about to unfold:
How a wee bit of silver was changed into gold.
In our Alexandria huge trailer park
My Virgil went strolling. ('Twas long before dark).
Two "swarthy" young women - with dear little girl -
Accosted him smiling, a tale to unfurl.
"Good morning" said extrovert woman, and smiled.
"This is the birthday - my dear little child.
How would you like to give her a gift?
She is three years today. Give her wee heart a lift."
So Virgil - as gallant as they ever come -
Reached into his pocket for package of gum.
"Thank you, kind sir, but it would be dandy
If you gave her money, to buy her some candy."
So Virgil, now caught in the "tender trap,"
Reached once again - and thus took the rap.
When he came home, like a dog that was whipped.
He said, "Those were gypsies and I have been gypped."
Next day I encountered these women so bold,
The braziest one had on slippers of gold."

Florence B. Taylor

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