11/1/63 - THE A B C's OF TRAVEL BY-WAYS - 11/1/63 - THE A B C's OF TRAVEL -

A is for Athens, Georgia, the home of a brand-new bride,
Whom we love - and her prince! Ensign, who at Naval
Supply School reside.
A is Atlanta, also, where we took "Annie" one day
To see world-famed Cyclorama, grim depiction
of "blue and the Gray."
C is for Cleveland - Columbus: our starting point and
our first stop;
The latter: the home of two loved ones; one widowed, one
crushed in car flop.
D is for Danville, Virginia, the home of the Dan River dresses.
We got there, alas, Friday evening, - too late for grand
tour it possesses.
D is also DeLand, the city of culture and beauty,
Where good friends grow exotic flowers, and give such in
civic, church duty.
C is for Greenville, Carolina (the South one), with
glorious view
Of mountains. A wonderful couple, who with kindness
keep real rendezvous.
H is for Hendersonvilla for "villa" in strict-English);
the state?
North Carolina. The scenery? Gorgeous. To live there
is dear friends' happy fate.

(to be continued)

Florence B. Taylor

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